Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hidden Valley Springs: A refuge for Peace and Quite

If you are looking for some peace and quite refuge away from the crazy life of the city... then Hidden Valley Springs is just what may be one of best and the nearest place to go outside of Manila. 

It's my wife's birthday and what best place to celebrate her day than to spend over night at the tropical rainforest paradise and natural spring pools that is in Hidden Valley Springs. 

Hidden Valley Springs is in Alaminos, Laguna, which is just a few hours away from Manila. This place is famous for it's seclusion, just perfect for that much needed commune with nature to energize yourself with the energy coming from century old trees and the reinvigorating freshness of the springs. 

Hidden Valleys Springs is landscaped perfectly to retain the natural beauty of nature.    

This is the main lobby. This is where
you book for your stay.

This is the parking space area.
There is so much space that you
don't need to worry where to park.

The pictures below are just some of the beautiful scenery that I managed to capture with my ever reliable Canon camera.

This is the pathway going to the
natural spring pools.
This is one of the
natural spring pool. There
are three layers of pools. 

This is a small cottage
that where you can place
your things while you enjoy
swimming in the natural
spring pools. 
Here's one of the bigger cottages
that can accommodate a bigger group.

The spring pools are well designed
that every detail and landscape is
close to how they are naturally in
a rainforest environment.
Here's naturally landscaped side from
another spring pool.
There are small falls like
this whose running water
sounds adds up to the
overall natural sound of
the rainforest.  

The water flowing in these natural spring
pools come from two mystical mountains.

The source of these natural spring pools
are Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw.
Though the nearest will be Mt. Makiling
where Hidden Valley Springs sits below.

There are ponds of different sizes and
some seems connected with each other.
These ponds are inhabited with Koi
and other fresh water fish.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Road Trip: Antipolo, Rizal

Road Trip: Antipolo, Rizal

Since it is a long weekend, we decided to go on a road trip to Antipolo, Rizal. We have never been on a road trip to this part of Rizal, so when we we’re planning for a road trip over the weekend, I took the opportunity to check on what places can interest us. I saw several places of interest from bloggers, and what caught our attention are the following... which is a good mix of different points of interest.

Casa Santa at Jardin de Miramar
Casa Santa is a museum of private owned Santa Clause collection, ranging from small figurines to life-size Santa Clause. Visitors are free to inspect each item for a closer look and even play with them. This place will surely give you joy and bring back memories of Christmas.

Casa Santa at Jardin de Miramar - San Isidro, Antipolo City, Rizal
276 San Jose Ext., San Isidro Antipolo City
Contact Numbers: (02) 576-4358 or (0917) 576.4358 
eMail: info@jardindemiramar.com

Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant
Vieux Chalet is a Swiss restaurant that serves continental dishes made with local organic ingredients. The restaurant sits on top of a hill and has a full view of the city lights. This place is not easy to find, but most bloggers recommend that this is worth the trip.

Vieux Chalet – Taktak Road, Antipolo City, Rizal
Contact Numbers: (02) 697.0396 or (0928) 288.8584

Pinto Art Museum
Pinto Art Museum is an art space in Antipolo. ‘Pinto’, comes from the Filipino word for door, because this place considers itself as a threshold open to all forms of contemporary art practice.

Pinto Art Gallery – San Roque, Antipolo City, Rizal
1 Sierra Madre, Grand Heights, Antipolo City
Contact Number: (02) 697.1015

Mystical Cave
Mystical Cave is one of the tourist spots in Antipolo. This place is known for religious rock formations and images on its walls. The water and stone from its cave are said to heal sick people and protect you from harm. Getting to this place is fairly easy for those with very good navigational skills, but may be challenging to most.

Mystical Cave - San Jose, Antipolo City, Rizal

After identifying our road trip destinations, next thing to do is to search for driving directions to these places. I used Google Maps to plot our trip. I will also provide the actual route we took to help simplify the directions in my ‘How to go There’ section.