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Explore MyPhilippines: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City

 Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City Bag of Beans is one of the must visit places in Tagaytay City. I am witness to how Bag of Beans has grown from a small coffee shop to an established dining place that it is now today.  Bag of Beans has also opened several branches along the Tagaytay City tourist stretch with six branches as of this writing. Bag of Beans caters as events venue and is one of the preferred wedding venues in Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans is also now into Bed and Breakfast accommodation. For this particular visit, me and my Family came for lunch. The food is really nice! Of course coffee and dessert after lunch is a must!  It was definitely worth the travel! Photo Credits: Bag of Beans Here is a short video of our latest visit to  Bag of Beans (Main) in Tagaytay City. Here are some photos taken during our last visit to Bag of Beans. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is another side with English County vibe. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is the

Ocean Adventure SUBIC!

Explore MyPHILIPPINES! Ocean Adventure First Stop, we went straight to the Ocean Adventure. We arrived several minutes before 9:00am. Just enough time to do some stretching after a long drive... enough time to take pictures and buy the tickets... enough time before the gate opens. Ocean Adventure: Dolphin Friends Show You will enjoy the sights of Dolphins showing of different tricks. Be thrilled by the Dolphin's intelligence and the Whale Shark's thundering splash! Ocean Adventure: Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show Watch an American Sea Lion show off some tricks in a presentation with an environmental theme. Ocean Adventure: Walk on the Wild Side Show This is an Animal Show featuring the trained animals showing off different tricks, like a beautiful Philippine Eagle showing off tricks at her trainer's command. This show also feature how to start a fire from a piece of bamboo and several other animals with their own tricks. Ocean Adventure: Rap, Jump and Roll Show A variety

A Trip to SUBIC

Explore MyPHILIPPINES! A Trip to SUBIC We decided to go to Subic to spend Christmas Day.  I started calling hotels in Subic on the 16th of December, unfortunately, all hotels are fully booked for the holiday season.  We went ahead with the trip anyway. Well, this is part of the fun for this road trip! We left our place in San Pedro, Laguna at around 6:00am.  Traffic in the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) was so light, that I reached Makati City in less than 30 minutes.  I stopped by the Caltex-Estrella station and filled-up, full-tank! We proceed with the trip and just drove along EDSA until we reached Balintawak. Turned right towards the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), then drove all the way until we reached the Dau Toll Exit. From this point, we drive towards the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). The SCTEX is a traffic discipline zone. You have to follow the rules, especially the maximum speed limit and to just use the innermost lane when overtaking. Other than that, please stay

Tree Top Adventure SUBIC

Please visit the Tree Top Adventure Home page for further information: ***************************** Go back to First Stop: Ocean Adventure SUBIC! How to Go to SUBIC! Come have a serene walk and marvel at the magnificent flora and fauna of Subic’s renowned virgin forest. Jungle Demo Learn to survive in the jungle and be amazed at how bamboo can be transformed in to useful things. Matrix Fence Plan and work as a team as you crisscross the tricky and tempting Matrix Fence! Caterpillar Walk Test your team work and cooperation as you walk while holding your teammate’s foot in the Caterpillar Walk! Centipede Pedal Check your balance and communication as you move together along a wooden bar in the Centipede Pedal! Tarantula The goal is to fit 2 containers but the challenge is this must

How to go to Pagudpud by Car

How to Go to Pagudpud by Car There are several ways to get there... and it all depends on your preference... I will take you there via a road trip to Pagudpud. This is the most exciting and most adventurous way to go. The point of reference will be from Balintawak exit going to the North Luzon ExpressWay (NLEX). Here you go.. From EDSA north-bound lane, turn right at Balintawak exit going to the North Luzon ExpressWay (NLEX). Travel along the NLEX stretch and exit at DAU Toll Exit. From DAU Toll Exit, skip the Angeles Toll, and exit on the second ramp, going towards the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx). From SCTEx Plaza, exit on the next entrance pointing towards Tarlac / Baguio. Drive through SCTEx until you reach the end of the expressway which is the Tarlac City Interchange. Turn left and go straight until you reach the National Road. Turn right and drive going towards Tarlac City. Just go straight and keep driving along the National Road. You should pass by the