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 Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City Bag of Beans is one of the must visit places in Tagaytay City. I am witness to how Bag of Beans has grown from a small coffee shop to an established dining place that it is now today.  Bag of Beans has also opened several branches along the Tagaytay City tourist stretch with six branches as of this writing. Bag of Beans caters as events venue and is one of the preferred wedding venues in Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans is also now into Bed and Breakfast accommodation. For this particular visit, me and my Family came for lunch. The food is really nice! Of course coffee and dessert after lunch is a must!  It was definitely worth the travel! Photo Credits: Bag of Beans Here is a short video of our latest visit to  Bag of Beans (Main) in Tagaytay City. Here are some photos taken during our last visit to Bag of Beans. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is another side with English County vibe. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is the

Day 3: Road Trip to Pagudpud

Day 3: Road Trip to Pagudpud

We started the day viewing the sceneries along the shoreline of Saud Beach. It was a chilly morning, and no one from our group dared to go swimming in the cold waters of Saud Beach.

A shot of the Bangui WindMills from Saud Beach. Savor this magnificent view in the early morning by the shores of Saud Beach.

Early morning scenery at Saud Beach.

My Kids enjoying the early morning sceneries by the shores of Saud Beach.
Next Stop: Blue Lagoon
Next stop was the Blue Lagoon, which is also known as Maira-Ira Beach... This is definitely a wonderful treat for nature lovers... with its white sand beach, crystal clear waters, awesome waves, and magnificent seaside sceneries.

My Wife and two Sons enjoying the walk along the white sands of Blue Lagoon Beach.

Beautiful sceneries at Blue Lagoon Beach: Two small islands can be seen from the shores of Blue Lagoon.

Beautiful sceneries at Blue Lagoon Beach: White sands and awesome waves.

Beautiful sceneries at Blue Lagoon Beach: Breathtaking shorelines!

My Wife and Kids posing for a souvenir picture by the beautiful Blue Lagoon shoreline.

My Eldest Son, enjoying the magnificent views and the cool waters of Blue Lagoon Beach.

Next Stop: Agua Grande Picnic Park
From Blue Lagoon Beach, we move to Agua Grande Picnic Park.

Rapid waters flowing from the mountains through the Agua Grande Picnic Park.

Rapid waters flowing through the Agua Grande Picnic Park. This is fresh water by the way... and chilling cold!

Next Stop: Patapat Bridge

From Agua Grande Picnic Park, we move to Patapat Bridge.

Patapat Bridge is a 12 Kilometer long winding bridge at the foot of the North Cordillera Mountain Range.

The Patapat Bridge is also known as the French Riviera of the North.

My Wife in an amazing shot along Patapat Bridge.

Next Stop: Mini-Falls

Just a few meters away from the Patapat Bridge is a Mini-Spring. This Mini-Spring is by the front side of what once was a Rest House of a Former President.

Mini-Spring from another side. Some of the people we chanced upon that also visited the place drank from this flowing spring.

My two Sons in a wacky shot by the Mini-Spring.

Next Stop: Bangui WindMills

We are now moving back towards Laoag.

Along the way, we passed by the Bangui WindMills. These gigantic windmills were built by the NorthWind Power Development Corporation. Bangui is a perfect location since there are no wind barriers along the shorelines of Bangui, thus optimizing the strong winds coming from the north-eastern part of this region.

Caution: When you reached the Bangui WindMills, park carefully, avoid those sandy section where your car might get stucked. I did! :(

This is just one of the 20 Powerful Wind Turbines of Bangui WindMills.
Look! A Tidal Wave coming! Notice the wave like formation at the background... those are actually cloud formation, in a wave like effect...

A magnificent view of one of the Bangui WindMills.

My Wife, savoring the powerful winds. This is the reason why these gigantic wind turbines were built on this particular site.

My Eldest Son, testing if the powerful Bangui WindMills can make him fly.

My Youngest Son, playing with the sands and the strong winds... Bangui WindMills at the background.

Me playing around, having the magnificent view of the Bangui WindMills in the background.

Next Stop, Sand Dunes in Laoag

This is the Bridge going to the Sand Dunes. The Bridge is still made of two long boards, just enough to carry the cars wheels... so please be very careful in crossing this bridge.

The Sand Dunes of Barangay La Paz in Ilocos Norte is considered one of nature’s geological monuments. It was declared a National Geological Monument on November 26, 1993. This merit was given due to its uniqueness in Philippine settings.

The place also offers a superb view of the South China Sea. It actually stretches along the coast from the Municipality of Currimao to the Municipality of Pasquin in Ilocose Norte.

My friend in a souvenir photo taken with the Sand Dunes Sunset in the background.

My other friends enjoying the expectacular view of the Sunset by the Sand Dunes.

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Mommy Jes said…
hi! your posts are very useful! were planning to have a tour kaso mahirap ata ag walang car ahaha =)) we rented a van for 3K samin p diesel were going to paoay lang and pagudpod...tpos pasyalan mga spots....ang gaganda ng napuntahan nyo...you have your own car? dpt pla we have ours dn ehhehe do you still remember ung home stay na pinag stayan nyo? were so busted pag wala kme mapag stay an ahahha kasi aman d ako nakapag reserve agd e holy thurs p nmn! aw! help me pls! ty! my number is 09162154072 and my blog is http://jeslising.blogspot.com
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BartMan29 said…
Hi Jes, I actually don't have the number anymore. I checked with my friend as well, pero wala na rin sya nun number ng homestay. Anyways, medyo madami naman dun na nag-ooffer ng homestay arrangements. They will even refer you to the others who offer this arrangement, kung booked na sila. Well, enjoy and have a safe trip!
Unknown said…
i will be traveling the same route ,thanks for the tip.

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