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 Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City Bag of Beans is one of the must visit places in Tagaytay City. I am witness to how Bag of Beans has grown from a small coffee shop to an established dining place that it is now today.  Bag of Beans has also opened several branches along the Tagaytay City tourist stretch with six branches as of this writing. Bag of Beans caters as events venue and is one of the preferred wedding venues in Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans is also now into Bed and Breakfast accommodation. For this particular visit, me and my Family came for lunch. The food is really nice! Of course coffee and dessert after lunch is a must!  It was definitely worth the travel! Photo Credits: Bag of Beans Here is a short video of our latest visit to  Bag of Beans (Main) in Tagaytay City. Here are some photos taken during our last visit to Bag of Beans. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is another side with English County vibe. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is the

How to go to the BAMBOO ORGAN by Private Transpo!

How to go to the BAMBOO ORGAN- ST. JOSEPH CHURCH in LAS PIÑAS by Private Transport via Coastal Expressway from Manila.

This guide will focus on the route going to the Bamboo Organ Festival venue in Las Piñas via the Coastal Expressway. This is your Travel Guide to the Bamboo Organ site in Las Piñas.

Manila to Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church in Las Piñas via Coastal Expressway.

If you are coming from Manila, there are several ways to go to this place. You can take the route via Coastal Expressway, South Expressway or the Quirino Avenue in Baclaran.

This guide will focus more on the Coastal Expressway route going to the Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church in Las Piñas.

  1. From Manila, you go to the Roxas Boulevard and proceed to the Coastal Expressway.
  2. Prepare Php 12.00 for the Toll Fee. This way you can take the Exact Toll Fee Lane and pay the toll with less hassle.
  3. After the Toll Gate, just go straight ahead and keep your car on the left side.
  4. You will then notice that this will split into two destinations: the left side will be heading to the City of Las Piñas, while the right side will be heading to Cavite City.
  5. Again, stay close to the left lane and turn left accordingly when you reach the curve. You are now in Las Piñas City.
  6. Now, this will again split into two directions... turn towards the right side, this will take you to the side of the flyover (don't go over the flyover)... this is the way to the Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church in Las Piñas... while the left side is the one going to the flyover which is headed to the Las Piñas City Hall and all the way going to Alabang, Muntinlupa.
  7. When you reach the intersection (this is under the flyover)... please take note to be in the intersection (not the U-turn slot... or else you will be driving back to the Coastal Expressway)... you will see a Jollibee fastfood restaurant in the other side to your right.
  8. You should turn left... this is the final leg of this route. You will just have to drive straight ahead until you reach the St. Joseph Parish Church.
  9. Turn left at the St. Joseph School ground. You then have to check around for a parking space in this area.
  10. The Bamboo Organ is inside the St. Joseph Church.
  11. Enjoy your day!


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