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 Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City Bag of Beans is one of the must visit places in Tagaytay City. I am witness to how Bag of Beans has grown from a small coffee shop to an established dining place that it is now today.  Bag of Beans has also opened several branches along the Tagaytay City tourist stretch with six branches as of this writing. Bag of Beans caters as events venue and is one of the preferred wedding venues in Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans is also now into Bed and Breakfast accommodation. For this particular visit, me and my Family came for lunch. The food is really nice! Of course coffee and dessert after lunch is a must!  It was definitely worth the travel! Photo Credits: Bag of Beans Here is a short video of our latest visit to  Bag of Beans (Main) in Tagaytay City. Here are some photos taken during our last visit to Bag of Beans. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is another side with English County vibe. This is an alfresco area with Italian theme. This is the

How to go to the BAMBOO ORGAN- ST. JOSEPH CHURCH in LAS PIÑAS - Private Transport from Alabang

How to go to the BAMBOO ORGAN- ST. JOSEPH CHURCH in LAS PIÑAS - Private Transport from Alabang.

This guide will focus on the route going to the Bamboo Organ Festival venue in Las Piñas from Alabang. This is your Travel Guide to the Bamboo Organ site in Las Piñas.

Alabang to Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church in Las Piñas via Alabang - Zapote Road

If you are coming from the Southern Region, the easiest way to go to the Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church is via the Alabang-Zapote Road. You can take the route via South Expressway and exit in either Alabang Exit or FilInvest Exit. Either way will point you down to the Alabang-Zapote Road.

This guide will focus more on the Alabang-Zapote Road route going to the Bamboo Organ - St. Joseph Church in Las Piñas. The point of origin for this trip will be coming from Alabang (along Alabang-Zapate Road) in front of the Festival Mall.

  1. Drive towards to Zapote.
  2. You should pass by the following landmarks: Mazda Alabang, Ayala-Alabang Mall, Honda Alabang, Toyota Alabang, BF Pilar, SM SouthMall, MoonWalk, SouthLand, Admiral, Casimiro, Uniwide, Perpetual Help Hospital, University of Perpertual Help, Las Piñas City Hall, StarMall, RFC, Pamplona, Zapote.
  3. When you reached the end of the Alabang-Zapote Road, there will be flyover to the left side (this is going to the Coastal Expressway)... stay on the right lane and turn right (under the flyover). This is now the P. Diego Sierra Avenue.
  4. This is the final leg of this route. You will just have to drive straight ahead until you reach the St. Joseph Parish Church.
  5. Turn left at the St. Joseph School ground. You then have to check around for a parking space in this area.
  6. The Bamboo Organ is inside the St. Joseph Church.
  7. Enjoy your day!


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